Founder, (1982) Assisi Bird Campaign (ABC) to bring St. Francis’ decimated songbirds back to Assisi, Italy resulting in a successful moratorium on hunting songbirds in Assisi, Italy.

Co-founder (1984), Assisi Nature Council with Maria Louisa Cohen and David Brower, establishing an environmental education and ethics center, advocating a nature reserve in Assisi and coordinating efforts of Italian environmental organizations.

Founder (1984), Past President and Board Member (1983-), Action for Nature, Inc. fostering respect and affection for nature through personal action; AFN annually selects, recognizes and awards Eco-Heroes globally for finding and fixing environmental problems in their communities.

Co-founder, Past President and Board Member, Native Yew Conservation Council (YewCon) fostering conservation, sustainable development and utilization of yew and other plant resources. YewCon worked for 7 years to persuade Bristol Myers Squibb to sustainably harvest wild yew trees used to extract anti cancer chemicals.

Former Member, Commission on Education & Communications (CEC) of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) for 13 years, an international organization composed of scientists, ministries, governmental and non-government organizations advancing global sustainability and biodiversity.

Former Executive Director, American Youth Hostels (AYH) Golden Gate Council (GGC) promoting educational and recreational travel and exploration, and environmental protection; during my 5 year-tenure, staff increased from two to over 30, number of hostels were expanded from one to five, annual overnights increased from under 3,000/year to 6about 100,000/year.

Former National Consultant, American Youth Hostels, Washington DC, developing a plan for the Pacific Coast Hostel Chain from Canada to Mexico.

Former Associate Producer for Development, Green TV, responsible for fundraising to produce two environmental videos. The Forest Through the Trees described the battle to protect California’s remaining redwoods; Eldorado describes the conflict between loggers and environmentalists in the Sierra Nevada foothills during a forest protection issue. Both videos were aired on PBS stations and distributed for educational video viewing.

Former President, Eureka Valley Promotion Association (EVPA), San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood association. During my EVPA membership I spearheaded the creation of Seward Street Slide Park and the Upper Market Street Bikelanes, and the successful citywide effort to reduce R-3 residential zoning density by one-half.

Former Technical Publication Editor (BioScience), USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) editing technical reports, proceedings and other publications in forestry and biological sciences, such as the Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet and Northern Goshawk Assessment, and representing the Forest service at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in Fountainbleau, France.

Former Technical Editor, Policy & Implementation Planning Team Report (PIP) - Conserving the California Spotted Owl – Impactsof Interim Policies and Implications for the Long Term, issued by the University of California, Berkeley College of Natural Resources.

Co-organizer of the First International Yew Resources Conference, Berkeley CA, and the Second International Yew Resources Conference, Beijing PRC. Responsibilities included planning, fundraising, publicity and promotion, arranging program and facilities.

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